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Model Contest EntryModel Contest Entry

Model Contest EntryYou are heartily encouraged to bring models for display and enter the model contest. LOGGING and MINING MODELS ONLY are allowed into the contest. If you have something distantly related to logging or mining, well...let the judge check it out.

This Logging and Mining Convention is for all logging and mining modelers and all scales are welcome.

There will also be a show and tell - or models in progress. All who enter will get an extra door prize ticket.

All judging is by popular vote, one vote per attendee. We reserve the right to combine categories in order to promote competition.

We will have attractive first place plaques which the winners in each category will be proud to display, as well as 1 plaque awarded for Best of Show. Second and Third place awards will be ribbons. Awards will be given out at the show!

Model Contest Entry
General Restrictions

Significant modifications must be made to any factory built model, mainly brass locomotives. Any kit-built model, modified or not, is acceptable. All models are subject to the discretion of the contest judge.

Contest guidelines (link to printable contest rules)

Contest form - print out to fill out early (link to printable contest entry form)

Most of our model contest categories are self-explanatory, but we wanted to provide some clarification on some points to help avoid any confusion during your model planning or entry process.

1) In any category that involves a single standalone model, such as Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Logging Truck, and so on: The model will be displayed by itself, with no ancillary hardware. For example, a Steam Locomotive or Diesel would not also include a caboose or rolling stock such as log cars.

2)  A model in item #1 above will be displayed by itself, without a decorative base. A “decorative base” would include a piece of track surrounded by some scenic material, a bridge, or some other decorative display accessory. A model displayed on a decorative base will be reclassified as Diorama.

4) Diorama: Due to space limitations, we are limiting the maximum diorama size to six square feet. This could be a 2x3 foot model, a 1-1/2x4 foot model, or any size combination that adds up to six square feet at maximum.

5)  Commercially-built models are not permitted in the contest, but they can be presented for display only as space allows. “Commercially-built” does not mean a model built or kitbashed from kit, it means a model built for hire (or built for free as a charitable contribution) for display in a museum, a customer’s personal collection and so on.

This year there will be a best of show award.

Also combining all locomotives into one catagory.


  1. Logging or Mining Locomotives: Any model of a logging or mining locomotive powered by steam, diesel, gas mechanical, electric, compressed air, or ? representing logging motive power.
  2. Logging Railroad Equipment: Rolling stock, log cars, disconnects, any rail wheeled logging device.
  3. Dioramas: Logging and mining scenes, layout modules, etc. permanently mounted on a base.
  4. Structures: Logging and mining related structures not permanently mounted on a base.
  5. Logging Equipment: Donkeys, logging trucks, skidding equipment, loaders, cats, etc., not rail wheeled.
  6. Caboose - now a seperate catagory.
  7. Special Railroad Equipment - Speeders, Rail Trucks.
  8. Square footer - rules are simple - a diaroma that is 12" by 12" in size for base or 12" round. Must be logging or mining related.

"In the event of a dispute over model contest entry classification, the decision of the event staff is final."

Model Contest EntryModel Contest Entry